Our Areas of Focus

Sports-Based Programming

Leadership Development

College and Career Support


Sports are a wholistic (body, mind, soul, emotions) and safe training ground within our community to develop transformational leaders.


Our sports-based programming includes weekly dinners and Bible study for high school teams, halftime Bible studies for elementary and middle school students, support for FCA huddles at local schools, community-based football and basketball teams for high schoolers and young adults, and a summer leadership camp.

Raising up young leaders requires consistent support and discipleship throughout the many educational and social transitions between middle school and adulthood.


Midian is committed to continuously investing in young people as they navigate the challenges of middle and high school, college, and career. Each month we offer dozens of hours of support in ACT/SAT prep, college applications, and other forms of tutoring, and we are committed to advocating for positive, restorative outcomes for young people within the education and criminal justice systems. 

Community leadership development includes support for those who are away at college or transitioning to career, and will one day return to lead our community.

Midian is committed to supporting and visiting our college students across the region, and using trips to college games as a chance to  introduce high school students to college campuses. We offer modest financial support to college students and continued, community-development-based faith and leadership development that matches the needs of college students from distressed communities. 

Research in trauma-informed social psychology of sport, and its links to educational and leadership development, is in its beginning stages, with exciting potential.

This spring, Midian is providing material for the first-ever handbook of community-development based sports ministry, to be published in conjunction with UrbanLoft Publishers and the Christian Community Development Association, and will continue to break ground in areas of research that will bolster community development in under-resourced communities across the country. 

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