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The Mission of the Midian Leadership Project is to develop community leaders through a combination of educational, family, and faith support, anchored in sports-related programming, for young people ages 10 to 25.

The Midian Leadership Project began with a group of young student-athletes in Charleston, WV. Eager to build a successful future together, they pledged to move forward together, sought out a network of supportive adults, and ultimately raised their high school's graduation rate by ten percent. By 2018, with dozens of the original group in colleges across the region, they formed the Midian Leadership Project to amplify and reinvest their contributions in the rising generation. 

Since that time, The Midian Leadership Project has partnered worked in schools, with sports teams, and in the neighborhood, holistically engaging education, sports, travel, and social development to help young people to mature into leaders who reinvest and transform the community that raised them. 

In early 2021, Midian purchased a former industrial property across from West Side Middle School, and began the process of renovating it into a community center serving youth and young adults. The Midian Safe Haven, slated to open fully in 2022, will bring new life to a formerly derelict block, and serve as a home base for the leadership development of the next generation.