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Deputy Director &
Chief Operations Officer

Turan De'Angelo Rush,

Turan Rush is the founding Deputy Director and Chief Operations Officer of the Midian Leadership Project, and works to develop and implement Midian's strategies for building and supporting the next generation of leaders. He was a captain of the football team at Eastern Michigan University, where he graduated in 2021, and holds a Masters Degree in Sports Science at West Virginia State University. Turan is passionate about education equity and criminal justice reform, and has brough his message of conviction and hope regarding faith, sports, education, and the school-to-prison pipleline to audiences across the country.


J. Tyrell Lucas, Jr.,

Facility Development Coordinator

Tyrell works to develop Midian's facilites, in terms of physical structure and renovation, fundraising, and by building networks of connection and support within the community for youth and young adults. His community work has a special focus on microenterprise and conflict resolution.

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Calvin Wilder III,

Community Peacebuilding

Calvin is a college basketball player (Simmons College of Kentucky) who has presented to national audiences on the subject of sports, justice, and community development. Calvin’s work of restoration and reconciliation revolves around building the tools and circumstances to promote holistically restorative outcomes for at-risk young people and for those involved with the criminal justice system.


Jabbar Thompson, Jr.,

Youth Programming

Jabbar is a basketball player-turned-coach who works to plan and execute events, sports and programming designed to help youth connect, grow, and develop. He coaches at every level from elementary to high school, and is passionate about creating connections within the community and inspiring and supporting young people to reach their full God-given potential. 


Collin Pierce, 

Data Systems Architect

Collin is a small business owner and middle school football coach who works to develop and implement Midian's data systems pertaining to operations, grants, and scientific research. He is a graduate of the West Virginia University John Chambers College of Business and Economics, and uses his own business to mentor young people in entrepreneurship skills. 


Rev. Dr. Jeff Biddle, Jr. is the founding director of the Midian Leadership Project. He holds a BA in Ecomonics from Harvard University, an M.Div from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and his doctorate from Palmer Seminary, where his thesis focused on sports, faith and community leadership development among young people affected by the school-to-prison pipeline. He is the coauthor of Playing For The City: The Power of Sports for Christian Community Development. 

Jeff Biddle, Jr.,

Executive Director

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