Our Philosophy

Christian Community Development


Midian's work is based in Christian Community Development philosophy, founded on the principles developed by civil rights leader and community developer Dr. John Perkins, which emphasize community life, justice, and economic empowerment. Learn more about Dr. Perkins and CCD philosohy here.

Restorative Justice and Peacebuilding


We emphasize seeking wholeness for the community by affirming each person’s role and contribution to community life, seeking full restoration for those who have violated community standards, including those entangled in the criminal justice system, seeking reconciliation for those who are at odds with one another, and empowering young people to take proactive, intentional action to ensure the peace and thriving of our community.  

Transformative Community Leadership


We believe that those who have grown up within the community, who have experienced its joys and its challenges, are best equipped to transform the community itself, and that community structures are best transformed from within. We support and empower the leadership of young people who will ultimately grow and sustain the community’s assets, while confronting and transforming unjust institutions and practices.