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Our Stories

At the core of our project is a group of young people committed to helping one another grow in Christ, move forward in life, develop leadership, and reinvest in their community. Here's what they have to say: 


“This group of people made me overcome adversity by getting over fears and opening up about personal things, having no place to stay, living house to house, missing meals. This group built a character inside me, made me mold into 

a man, made me see life as not about me, but about people coming up under me, about lifting people up and bringing them closer to God. Even if you start your life off with less, if you stay on the right path with a group of friends, you can help each other achieve goals and overcome loneliness. It makes me want to be a better dad someday—I want my kids to have a better life so I have to cut certain things and people off that are not there to better me. Not all people are on the same mission."


-Jorden, WVSU 2021

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